Custom card personalization
and finishing services

Learn more about the products and services that enable us to provide
customers with customized card programs across a variety of applications.

Our in-house graphics department will perform a detailed review of your artwork and fine-tune your graphics to optimize our printing capabilities. The creative group at Valerian Technologies can take your ideas and design a professional and attention-grabbing look for your cards and ancillary materials. Graphic time is billed at an hourly rate, and time estimates are provided before the work begins.

We are a Mac-based shop and can accommodate files built in Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6 and Adobe Acrobat 10.1.5. If your art is built using a program not listed here, contact us at


Our many printing platforms will allow you to produce cards with eye-catching graphics. New specialty printing processes include lenticular, OptiChrome©, high profile, digital and waterless offset with UV inks. Each process provides a unique look, feel and touch for your brand.

Our secured data center offers the full gamut of personalization like magnetic stripe loading, thermal printing, Drop-on-Demand coding, bar coding, numbering and activation labeling. Our HIPAA-compliant data department is secure and accurate. We are as flexible as your needs require, with industry-leading lead times and up-to-date technologies.


At Valerian Technologies, our lineup consists of the most up-to-date printing and laminating equipment, including the recent acquisition of an HP Indigo 7800 press. Supporting unique media and special inks, the key new features of this versatile, seven-color liquid electrophotography press will greatly enhance our digital printing capabilities.

Packaging & Merchandising

How you display your gift, loyalty or membership card can be a critical determinant in a consumer’s purchasing decision.

Valerian Technologies offers a full line of eye-catching packaging solutions that entice customers through unique packaging designs and features.


Buy bulk to save and reduce storage and labor costs by utilizing our card services. We manufacture and store your cards in-house, then prepare for direct delivery to stores or from distribution centers. We’ve developed a system for distributing B2B and B2C cards through drop shipments or via mail, allowing for flexible order submission, card distribution and ancillary material options.

Data Management

It is paramount to have 100% accuracy in data sequencing using magnetic stripes, thermal and DOD numbering, barcoding, data application, and data matching to collateral materials.

This makes it hypercritical to maintain constant guard against security breaches that can compromise customers’ personal data.

Our digital press allows us to print data as part of the graphic imaging, and our high-speed personalization equipment provides post-production data application. Either way, your data is handled in a totally secure and professional manner, with quality control cross-checks at every step.

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