Loyalty and Reward Program

Do you want your customers to return to your establishment? Then give them more incentive.  A Loyalty or Rewards Program might just give them the motivation to return. Many businesses confuse Loyalty Programs with Reward Programs; a Reward program is a customer retention strategy, not a loyalty strategy. Either type of program could work in

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Benefits of a Retail Gift Card Program

What does A gift card program do? A Gift Card Program can help increase sales and profitability while eliminating time-consuming processes that are necessary when you issue paper gift certificates. Gift cards are sold to customers for their own use or can be given to family or friends. You can offer your customers single gift

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Signature Card Offers affordable Zebra Printers

If you need to instantly issue personalized plastic cards, then a Zebra printer may be a valuable, worthwhile addition to your business.  Zebra printers offer next generation technology in plastic ID card printers that provide users with exquisite printing quality. A Zebra printer offers affordable plastic card printing for low volume applications.  With its advanced

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Discount Health Cards with HIPAA Regulations

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also known as HIPAA is important to ensure the security and privacy of medical information. At Signature Card we offer discount health cards that meet HIPPA compliance regulations not only for the legal safety of our customers, but for the peace of mind of our client’s customers as

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Looking for a way to streamline your digital product delivery to your client base? Download cards may be right for you.

Is your business looking for a creative way to reach its customers?  Look no further than Signature Card’s custom download cards.   They are a great way to offer content and information to your customers. Based on the substantial growth of the digital music industry, download cards have become a necessity to any business that is

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Adding A Personal Touch

What happens when you receive a personalized product with your name or specific information?  You feel important and acknowledged! Most marketing research insists that adding a personal touch to your products will not only help you gain customers but retain customers for a long time to come.  Your business can take part in this effective

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Signature Card Upgraded to HP Printing Press

Out with the old and in with new and improved! At Signature Card, we strive to find new ways to serve our customers every day with better versatility and higher productivity. We recently upgraded our printing services to the HP Indigo 5600 Digital Printing Press to deliver unmatched, high quality gift cards to you, our

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Signature Card Employee Receives ACE Accreditation

Antonia Espinosa, Vice President of Operations at Signature Card, has added another rung of achievement to our company’s success ladder! Antonia recently passed the ACE Accreditation course and examination offered by the International Card Manufacturers Association. The ACE Accreditation acknowledges individuals with competence, dedication, and commitment to card manufacturing...

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