Valerian Technologies Kickoff Event a Success

Valerian Technologies Kickoff Event a Success

Last month we gathered our employees for a luncheon to officially unveil the “new and improved” Signature Card as its newest evolution, Valerian Technologies. We wanted to tell our staff before announcing the rebrand to everyone else, and we were excited to do so.

With the acquisition of Performance Card Solutions last year, Signature Card gained the ability to utilize specialized printing methods such as lenticular, OptiChrome® and Opti-Pan lens technology, as well as incorporate unique textures. In rebranding as Valerian Technologies, our goal was to show how the two companies could successfully thrive as one, all while utilizing the latest, most innovative technology.


Bill Hunter, president of Valerian Technologies, and Cliff Brunson, vice president of sales and marketing, anxiously awaited the guests’ arrival on the morning of the unveiling. Everyone was welcomed with a swag bag to further show how the brand applies.

Bill gave a short presentation on the company’s transition to Valerian Technologies going forward. Immediately following the presentation, those in attendance sat down to eat and discuss the new and exciting possibilities that Valerian Technologies has to offer.


Well into the second month as Valerian Technologies, our company continues to uphold the same standard of excellence as predecessors Signature Card and Performance Card Solutions: to employ the latest technologies in a rapidly changing industry and provide only the best quality plastic cards. We’re prepared for a successful future and can’t wait for you to see all that we plan to accomplish.

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