What’s all the buzz about plastic cards?

Signature Card has always provided top of the line custom gift cards to customers, while finding new ways to expand custom card options. The new and improved Laminated Plastic Postcard is the new standard in promotional postcard advertising. Through custom designed and targeted mail marketing, you can send this response driven Laminated Mailer with a plastic gift card for promotions, specials, or discounts.

The Custom Plastic Postcard or Gift card Signamailer has proven time and again to outperform standard postcards made from paper. By utilizing Signature’s custom mail marketing, you or your business can completely customize the campaign. Custom plastic postcards cut down the amount of paper, postage, and cost used and simplifies the process of direct mail marketing.

This powerful laminated mailer and its perceived value will break through the clutter of daily mail and not end up in the waste basket. Business owners, franchisees, restaurants, apartment management companies, and even some major corporations have made the switch to Signature Card’s Signamailer and custom plastic postcards.

Create your campaign now with the Signamailer by contacting us today for a detailed analysis and quote!

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